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Who We Are

J&S Davis Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor which sources the highest quality products in their category from all over the world. These products are then made available to dental professionals via their usual dental retailers.

The unique products sourced cover restoration, periodontics, hygiene and more, from a range of leading manufacturers including Kuraray, LM Instruments, Curasept, Cavex, Meisinger, Solo, Cordent and Polydentia.

J&S Davis has been bringing quality solutions to practice for over 100 years and will continue to do so.

As a distributor, you don’t need to worry about setting up an account with J&S Davis. Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Contact us via phone, email, online chat, social media or through the website Wishlist.
  2. Let us know what you’d like to order and who your preferred to be invoiced through is (e.g. Henry Schein, DD Group, Wrights etc.). Click here for list of retailers.
  3. We will process the order and you will be invoiced through your preferred dealer. Simple!


The J&S Davis Ltd ethos

Mantra: Being independent sets us free, lets us put people first, and be a guiding light in an ever-changing world.

Our independence is our greatest strength. It gives us the freedom to put our people and customers first in all we do. It also allows us the flexibility to pioneer new areas of development.

To work with J&S Davis truly is to work with a partner you can trust to understand and put your needs first above any corporate agenda. They are perfectly sized to discover, adapt to and share the latest advances in the industry which they pass onto their customers.

J&S Davis are a partner in the truest sense. They are there to guide and advise, to go on the journey with you. They have your interests at heart, shining a light on new developments or techniques, finding better, smarter ways of doing things.

  1. A warm welcoming
    We understand the value of a warm welcome.
  2. Look to the future
    We use our strong pioneering spirit to look to tomorrow in helping answer the challenges of today. We’re always searching to make the next discovery that will help those around us push forward.
  3. Invite fresh thinking
    We bring fresh thinking to everything we do. We understand that by looking at something in a new way will usually bring a fresh perspective and greater chance of a successful result for those that we work with. We encourage our colleagues to bring forward new ideas or better ways of doing what we do.
  4. Make room for fun
    We know that people are the heart of J&S Davis and so encourage ourselves to take a step back. We have an innate sense of fun and positive energy which we use to engage and inspire our team to reach their full potential.
  5. Appreciate our value
    We are a centre of knowledge that assist people in their work. We add real value to those we work with, understanding the attention to detail needed as well as seeing the big picture. We go that extra mile; not simply for good customer service, but because we care about what we do and what our actions say about us.

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What they say...

  • J&S Davis make the buying experience so easy. I spoke to a brand manager to explain my needs and they were so helpful. My order arrived two days later. Happy!

  • J&S Davis went above and beyond to ensure the delivery of my LM instruments on time. Can’t thank them enough!