Unbelievable Black November offers

7th, November 2023

You won’t want to miss these…

Black Friday originates from the United States, and is the Friday after thanksgiving – signalling the beginning of Christmas shopping season. In recent years, it has grown arms and legs, flown across the pond, added in Cyber Monday and, oh to heck with it, we’ll just have Black November. If you can’t beat them, join them…and here we are!

In the spirit of all things Black (November), we have put together, quite possibly the best offers you will ever come across for J&S Davis products. If there was ever a time to give a product a go that you’re unsure about, now is the time to do it.

Still using Panavia F2.0 or Panavia 21? MOVE ON! Panavia V5 is easier, cheaper and stronger AND we have an amazing offer on so make the switch today. If you need a bit more information about the differences between your current cement and Panavia V5, give us a call, our knowledgeable team will be happy to talk you through the differences.

How important are your hands and wrists for your work? I think we know the answer to that! Make 2024 a year to preserve your professional life with LM Instruments. These highly ergonomic instruments reduce the risk of RSI due to their non-slip silicone handle with outstanding tactile sensitivity. Invest in yourself today, your patients will thank you too!

Now may be a good time to consider growing your practice income with Curasept – THE Anti-Staining Chlorhexidine solution with maximum patient compliance. Curasept has also launched Biosmalto – a range of Impact Action Mousse, Toothpaste and Mouthwash for both Caries, Abrasion & Erosion, as well as Sensitivity. Occlude tubules and remineralise, in-surgery and continue at home.

We also have offers on Polydentia matrix systems, Kuraray Composite, Solo Impression Trays and more – click here to view all of the Black November Offers. Valid for the month of November 2023 only, subject to availability. We’re certain that there is an offer in there for everyone.

For further information or to place an order, contact J&S Davis on 01438 747344 or email jsdsales@js-davis.co.uk.

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What they say...

  • J&S Davis make the buying experience so easy. I spoke to a brand manager to explain my needs and they were so helpful. My order arrived two days later. Happy!

  • J&S Davis went above and beyond to ensure the delivery of my LM instruments on time. Can’t thank them enough!