Tofflemire matrix band

15th, February 2022

They’re tried, they’re tested, they’re Tofflemire

In 1946 Dr Joseph B F Tofflemire introduced his particular take on the dental matrix band. Seventy-five years on, the fact that the matrices carry his name and are still widely used by dentists and orthodontists worldwide is a powerful testament to their long-standing efficacy.

Now part of the Polydentia brand portfolio, J&S Davis are delighted to count Tofflemire matrix bands as part of their comprehensive range of restoration products and materials.

Trust in Tofflemire

When you consider that the name Tofflemire is interchangeable with the word ‘universal’ for dental matrices, it will come as no surprise to learn that these agile matrix bands lend themselves for use with nearly every matrix system or retainer.

They are available in three different thicknesses, bur free and made from soft, surgical grade stainless steel. The malleability of this metal makes burnishing the band a straightforward task, reducing chair time for the patient and enhancing the protectionTofflemire matrix band from J&S Davis offered to the gingival tissue during restoration work.

Tofflemire matrix bands excel for use in Class II restorations. They perform the most fundamental tasks of any band, e.g. compensating for the missing walls of the tooth and containing the filling material, and can be easily manipulated to match the natural contours of the treated tooth. Arguably the most challenging part of any restoration, Tofflemire bands perform well in attaining accurate proximal contact with the other teeth.

As the dental profession progressed, Tofflemire recognised that their stainless steel matrices were not compatible with the newer composite restoration materials being widely used. In response, the transparent matrix bands were introduced. These new resources offered optimal composite polymerisation.

Both the original bands and the transparent variants are available as anatomically preformed or as contoured – ideal for posterior restorations. In addition to working seamlessly with universal matrix types, Tofflemire matrix bands also work in conjunction with standard and narrow gingival extensions.

Retainers and restorations

Despite modern dental advances in materials and procedures, the practical application of any matrix system used in restoration work remains governed by the same two core considerations:

  • The type of band used
  • The application technique of the amalgam or other filling material

Tofflemire matrix bands remain a consistently popular, tried and tested product for today’s dental professional, outlasting other systems that have come and gone over the years.

  • Easy to insert
  • Stable
  • Stay tight to the tooth
  • Make tissue management and care, simple
  • Easy to incorporate into your practice’s infection control protocols

They are suitable for use in the most current matrix systems, like the Polydentia Maximat Plus, which allows multiple posterior steel or polyester matrices to be placed in one quadrant simultaneously. When patient comfort and safety come first, anything that aids in reducing chair time, improves cost efficiencies and offers tangible aesthetic results is to be lauded.

Tofflemire and more

Tofflemire matrix bands are a small but integral part of the J&S Davis Polydentia portfolio of supplies and equipment. You can explore our full range here.

If you would like to place an order, please contact us on 01438 747 344 or find your closest retailer here.

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