The Confident Choice for Perio Patients

20th, February 2019

Curasept ADS Perio is a chlorhexidine mouthwash designed specifically with perio patients in mind. The mouthwash is perfect protection again gingivitis, periodontitis, mucosal trauma and other perio problems, reducing pain and slowing down plaque deposits.

Comprised of 0.12% chlorhexidine, PVP-VA to prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth and gums by creating a film, and hyaluronic acid to promote healing and tissue regeneration, Curasept ADS Perio also contains Curasept’s patented Anti Discolouration System (ADS) which minimises the appearance of brown/yellow spots, often caused by chlorhexidine.

For further information on any of the Curasept ADS range, please contact J&S Davis on 01438 747344 or click here.

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