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25th, June 2024

Rant incoming…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with my composite sticking to my instruments. I have a job to do and I’m under enough pressure as it is, I certainly do not have the time to be de-sticking my composite from my instrument. FACT. Life is too short! …..said a DCP somewhere, we are sure!

Well, the team at J&S Davis are delighted to remind you of the fabulous Dark Diamond™, NON-STICK, range from LM Dental.

Restorative instruments with LM Dark Diamond™ non-stick coating are ideal for placing and contouring of composite resins. The diamond-like coating reduces stickiness and allows pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation. That’s one sticky problem solved!

There are a range of restorative instruments available with an LM Dark Diamond coating, as well as the popular LM-Arte Kit by Style Italiano.

Set of LM-Arte™ instruments with exclusive non-stick LM Dark Diamond™ coating in LM-Servo™ 5 cassette including

  • Eccesso DD,
  • Modella DD,
  • Fissura DD,
  • Applica DD and
  • Condensa DD instruments.

Aside from the non-stick benefits of the Dark Diamond™ coating, these LM Instruments all feature the highly ergonomic LM ErgoSense handle. The non-slip handle reduces the risk of RSI and provides increased tactile sensitivity. Better for the patient as well as the clinician.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself out of those sticky situations and treat yourself to LM Dark Diamond™ Instruments.

For further information click here or contact J&S Davis on 01438 747344.

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What they say...

  • J&S Davis make the buying experience so easy. I spoke to a brand manager to explain my needs and they were so helpful. My order arrived two days later. Happy!

  • J&S Davis went above and beyond to ensure the delivery of my LM instruments on time. Can’t thank them enough!