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12th, September 2023

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How often do you take a minute to stop and think about the products you regularly use in practice? When was the last time you evaluated the strength of your cement or the pointiness of your Probes?

It’s very easy to get into the habit of using what you’ve always used, after all, you know the product, it works for you, so why change? We get that, however, with science and materials constantly evolving, techniques changing and life getting busier, it’s more important than ever to work smarter, not harder!

Here, at J&S Davis, we bring you best in class products from industry leading manufacturers, sourced carefully from all over the world. Our manufacturers are constantly working on bringing quality solutions to DCP’s, which it is why it is useful to take a look at your products from time to time and consider if there is anything else you might like to add into the mix, or upgrade to.

With that in mind, do take a look at our new Century + brochure which is full of information and special offers on new products such as the LM Arte Replica Posterior, Curasept Ortho Kits and Polydentia matrices, as well as more established products like Clearfil SE Bond 2 and Panavia V5.

Click here to view the brochure in full. If you would like any further information on any of the products please call J&S Davis on 01438 747344.

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What they say...

  • J&S Davis make the buying experience so easy. I spoke to a brand manager to explain my needs and they were so helpful. My order arrived two days later. Happy!

  • J&S Davis went above and beyond to ensure the delivery of my LM instruments on time. Can’t thank them enough!