Siqveland matrix band

25th, November 2021

As dental and orthodontic techniques and procedures continue to evolve, so J&S Davis continues to stock the products, instruments and equipment dentists need to provide unparalleled service to their clients.

Why use Siqveland matrices?

Siqveland matrix bands from J&S Davis‘Universal’ matrices like Siqveland have been used in dentistry since the 1870s, and yet, whilst restoration techniques and matrix systems have come and gone, it is a testament to their reliability and longevity that they are widely available today as part of the Polydentia range of products.

Each thin, flexible matrix strip is made from premium-quality, medical-grade stainless steel, and their ‘universal’ status makes them suitable for use in different matrix retainers, offering the dental professional an agile approach to restoration work.

The fundamental function of any matrix band is to create a barrier around the affected tooth, protecting the gingival tissue and proximal teeth from the filling material used in the restoration.

Siqveland matrix bands are ideally suited to posterior restoration work, particularly when there is no proximal contact with other teeth, leaving the practitioner freedom and space to refine the tooth contours. In addition, their lightweight flexibility makes them highly adaptable to bespoke tooth contouring using a burnishing (shaping) technique. Burnishing the band before inserting it into the matrix retainer reduces spring back and makes it easier for the practitioner to attain the best contour for adapting to the tooth.

Care of bands and retainers

Every dentist accepts the necessity of a strict clinical hygiene and infection control routine in their practice. This routine reduces risk and ensures protection for patients, ancillary staff, the practice and the practitioner themselves, both physically and reputationally.

Each Siqveland matrix band is recommended to be used singularly and then disposed of as a ‘medical sharp’ after use. Furthermore, any used retainers should undergo a thorough and deep clean after every use and before re-using on another patient to ensure complete decontamination. Cleaning and sterilisation materials and methods may include a period of pre-soaking in an enzymatic detergent, proceeded by further processing in a dedicated clinical instrument washer.

Matrices and more

Siqveland matrix bands are just one vital element in the modern dental practitioner’s toolkit for durable, robust, aesthetic restoration treatments.

With a range of dental instruments and products from the world’s leading manufacturers, J&S Davis is best placed to work with you to find quality solutions to all your professional needs.

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