Water Purifier

The Solo Water Purifier is a self-contained, wall mounted mixed bed ion-exchange purifier using a simple to change Solo cartridge with a colour change exhaustion indicator. It produces water that may be used in any autoclave or machine that requires de-ionised water.

Where to Buy


Supplied complete to connect to the cold water tap with on/off valve, inlet hose connector (1/2″, 12 x 7mm) and outlet spout/tube. There are now two versions, single and double capacity. It will operate from any water supply giving between 5-75lb per inch squared. Maximum temperature 40 degrees Celsius. The outlet has a built-in 50 micron filter and can provide up to 30/60 litres per hour, dependent on model purchased.

  • SOL0810 Water Purifier Solo Complete 1 with 2 cartridge refills
  • SOL0812 Water Purifier Solo Complete 2 with 2 cartridge refills
  • SOL0801 Water Purifier Solo Refill 1
  • SOL0803 Water Purifier Solo Refill 2