From impression to splint/mouth guard/bleaching tray in just 1 session! The Cavex VacuFormer System is a complete vacuum thermo forming system comprising the Cavex VacuFormer, deep-drawing plates, a unique plaster composite and accessories.

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  • For the fabrication of splints, bleach trays and mouth protectors
  • VacuFormer has an electric, high performance vacuum motor which is suitable for every conventional dental vacu form application
  • Instant Stone is a unique plaster composite that can cast a perfect plaster mould in just 10 seconds, is very clean and easy to use
  • Mouth Protectors are 3.8mm, 4mm or 5mm dual layered laminates with a combined hard and soft layer. The soft layer allows for shock absorption whilst the hard layer distributes the force of the impact
  • Bleach laminates are made of a soft, clear material that is easy to cut and finish and is comfortable for the gingival area
  • Splint laminates are made of a transparent and rigid material which is ideal for splints, surgical trays, ortho retainers etc
  • Bleach Tray Spacer is a blue coloured flowable resin, especially designed for creating reservoirs in bleach trays
  • CAV0003 Cavex VacuFormer & Starter Kit Incl. Accessories
  • CAV0005 Cavex VacuFormer Bleach Trays 1.2 x 125 x 125mm (PKG25)
  • CAV0007 Cavex VacuFormer Bruxism Sheet 2 x 125 125mm (PKG25)
  • CAV0008 Cavex VacuFormer Bleach Tray Heavy 1.5 x 125 x 125mm (PKG25)
  • CAV0021V Cavex VacuFormer Splint 0.6 x 125 x 125mm (PKG50)
  • CAV0026 Cavex VacuFormer Splint Extra Heavy 1.5 x 125 x 125mm (PKG25)