Transfer Control Basic

Transfer-Control Basic enables a custom-fit and standardized procedure for the transplantation of bone cylinders for horizontal and vertical bone augmentation. The various milling tools are available in three diameters and are perfectly matched to one another so that the outer diameter of the bearing cutters and the size of the wheel cutters correspond to the inner diameters of the stairs . As a result, a clamp fit can be achieved when the bone cylinder is inserted, which can be achieved with separately available fixation screws ( Screw System TX , Art.No. BTX00 / Screw System TX Professional, Art.-No. BTXPR) can be reinforced. Due to the faster vitalization and healing, the perfectly fitting transplanted bone cylinders result in a bone bed suitable for transplantation after only 3-4 months. Transfer-Control Basic is an entry-level system with a reduced set of instruments. It is suitable for the extraction of bone cylinders with a diameter of 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm.

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Transfer Control Basic – Transfer Control Basic Kit CTRBA – Meisinger
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