The Walser Matrix System

Simply lift and place

Developed by dentists, for dentists, Walser Matrices provide a sophisticated sectional matrix system that allows dentists to fit or remove a Walser matrix with a single motion.

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  • Incredibly easy to place, the Walser matrices can be fitted and removed within seconds with no requirement for screws or spanners
  • Adapts to the tooth form automatically, saving time and improving patient comfort
  • an X-Shape for adjacent restorations
  • Ideal for composite fillings over rubber dam
  • Autoclavable
  • DRW027 Walser Matrices Starter Set No. 1-10 with Forceps
  • DRW029 Walser Matrices Set No. 1-18 with Forceps
  • DRW031 Walser Matrices Set No. 1-25 with Forceps. All sets available without forceps. Refills also available in packs of 5.

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