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SUPER-PORT is the most complete and comfortable portable treatment unit in the world. The self-sufficient SUPER-PORT combines a complete dental treatment unit including compressor and suction machine in a light, 17 kg case.

SUPER-PORT works with an electric motor with LED light, an electric scaler with LED light, an instrument hose for your turbine/air polisher and a suction (300 l/ min!). All the instruments as well as the suction have the same power as a fixed installation treatment unit and can be used in continuous operation. The preinstalled electrical micro-motor with LED light has a control unit with 30 freely selectable programs (incl. endo). The speed, torque and the selected contra-angle can be freely set and saved. You can also use your turbine or air polisher in addition to the motor with full power in continuous operation.

The high capacity of SUPER-PORT is rounded off by a highly efficient patent-pending suction (300 l/min!). The smart design of SUPER-PORT enables ef ficient assembly and disassembly and together with DENTA-TROLLEY a comfortable transportation.

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  • Three-way syringe (air/water/spray) with sterilisable tips (hose and tips detachable)
  • 1 Electric micromotor with LED light (0-40,000) and 30 programs
  • 1 Electric scaler with LED light
  • 1 Instrument hose with LED light (for turbine/air-flow)
  • Instrument hoses detachable
  • Spray adjustment regulators for each instrument
  • Integrated spray water system for syringe and instruments (check valve prevents the back flow of water)
  • 1 Spray water tank: 0.75 litre
  • 1 High-performance suction hose 300 l/min. Continuously adjustable. With the patent-pending BPR Swiss technology. Adapter for saliva ejector tips and oral-dry-cup
  • 1 Suction fluid container: 1 litre (automatic overflow protection)
  • Pressure regulator-filter
  • Sturdy, air- and water-tight plastic construction, will not scratch, dent or corrode
  • Detachable front cover
  • Disc type foot control
  • Integrated silent compressor – oil-free
  • DENTA-TROLLEY with drawers for instruments and consumables
  • Handpiece pressure: 5.0-7.0 bar
  • Each instrument is individually adjustable
  • Weight SUPER-PORT: 17.0 kg
  • Weight DENTA-TROLLEY: 8 kg (for consumables/instruments)
  • Dimensions SUPER-PORT: 380 x 205 x 530 mm
  • Dimensions DENTA-TROLLEY: 410 x 400 x 550 mm
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Super-Port – Super-Port Portable Unit with integral compressor, – Motor, Scaler, Suction and Trolley
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