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RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener

LM-RondoPlus Sharpening Machine. Instruments used in treating hard tissue blunt quickly, naturally compromising efficiency and results. Periodontal instruments should be sharpened regularly.

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Easy and quick: Simple method – the blade is held in the correct sharpening position and the grinding stone rotates. Sharpening one instrument only takes a few seconds.

Versatile: For both periodontal and preparation instruments, for both right- or left-handed, the direction of rotation can be selected.

Accurate: A dual-position instrument rest. The upper position is for preparation instruments and the lower for periodontal instruments. The original blade form is preserved. Low rotational speed- the blade will not heat up nor will its temper be affected. The fine-grain ceramic stone is 400 grit.

Finer and coarser sharpening stones are available as spare parts.

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RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener – RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener LM 8600
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