3 files, 1 system

Revo-S is a modern, high quality, stand-alone, 3 file, asymmetric NiTi system.

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Nickel-Titanium instruments are strong and flexible, – Easy-to-use, 3 file system saves time and money, – Asymmetric cross-section facilitates a smooth file action with reduced risk of separation and zipping, – Inexpensive stand-alone file system can be used with any programmable endo motor, – Rotary action files allow upward brushing technique and the efficient removal of infected dentine in ALL canal morphologies

  • MMM6710 Revo S NiTi File Shaping and Apical Assorted PKG6
  • MMM6711 Revo S NiTi File Shaping Assorted PKG 3
  • MMM6712 Revo S NiTi File Apical Assorted PKG3