myCustom Resin

myCustom Resin is a light-cured, flowable resin similar to a common liquid dam (often used in bleaching procedures). myCustom Resin offers ideal thixotropy, cure time and final hardness for use with myCustom Rings and Unica anterior .

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MyCustom resin is used in:

  • Class II restorations , to create tailor-made sectional ring ends by taking the impression of healthy and intact proximal walls,
  • anterior, to fix Unica anterior, in case the interdental wedge risks deforming and / or move the matrix
  • I class, to recreate the occlusal anatomy with the moulding technique

myCustom Resin was developed in partnership with Style Italiano, a study group of doctors and researchers specialising in conservative and aesthetic dentistry. myCustom Resin is included in the myCustom Rings Kit and Unica anterior Introkit.

  • Ideal thixotropy, polymerization time and final hardness
  • Create tailor-made sectional ring ends
  • Adapt and fix Unica anterior to the different morphologies of the teeth
  • Recreate the occlusal anatomy with the moulding technique
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myCustom Resin – Polydentia MyCustom Resin Refill 3ml Syringe plus – 10 pcs. Needle Tips Gauge 18
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