LM Spoon Excavator

For the removal of softened carious dentine and temporary fillings.

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  • Spoon shaped working end
  • Rounded tip
  • Long cutting edge, which can easily treat broader areas
  • LM-DuraGradeMAX supersteel tips
  • Ergonomic design reduces risk of RSI

LMD0522 Spoon Excavator 1.0mm LM 522-523Si ErgoNorm

LMDE522 Spoon Excavator 1.0mm LM 522-523XSi ErgoMax

LMDES522 Spoon Excavator 1.0mm LM 522-523ES ErgoSense

LMD0533 Spoon Excavator 1.5mm LM 533-534Si ErgoNorm

LMDE533 Spoon Excavator 1.5mm LM 533-534XSi ErgoMax

LMDES533 Spoon Excavator 1.5mm LM 533-534ES ErgoSense