LM Ortho Hand Instruments


Ligature On-Off SL: The explorer-like end of the instrument can be used for both application and removal of ligatures. Ligatures can be lined up on the lower shank. The forked end is particularly suitable for guiding a ligature ring over e.g. the fourth wing of a bracket. Arch Wire Tucker: Bending the end of an arch wire can be problematic. Working space is limited and the wire rigid. Double-ended LM-Arch Wire Tucker facilitates the bending. The flattened ball-ends have 1 millimeter holes, where the wire can easily be placed and turned. The blade is long and fits well even in tight places.

  • Mirror handle
  • Ortho
  • Ligature On-Off SL
  • Plastic Ligature Applicator
  • Arch Wire Tucker
  • Ligature Tucker
  • Ligature Tucker-Scaler U15