LM ErgoMix Scalers & Curettes

LM-ErgoMix hand instruments with exchangeable tips offers the dental team a specially economical, ecological and ergonomic alternative.

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When a tip replacement is required, the lock grip is opened, a new tip is inserted and the lock grip is closed again – simple. No extra tools are needed. Use LM-ErgoMix instruments in the normal way, clean and sterilize it like any other instrument. The seal construction guarantees high level hygiene. Benefits of retipping: – Always sharp instruments, – Saves time from sharpening, – Minimises waste, – Enables personalised tip combinations.

  • Micro Sickle
  • Sickle LM204S
  • Scaler H6-H7
  • Laplander
  • McCall 13S-14S
  • Columbia 4L-4R
  • Mini Syntette
  • Gracey 1-2
  • Gracey 11-12
  • Gracey 13-14
  • Mini Gracey 1-2
  • Mini Gracey 11-12
  • Mini Gracey 13-14