LM Dark Diamond Coated Instruments


LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond instruments with non-stock coating for easy placing and contouring of composite resins. The diamond like coating reduces the stickiness and allows for pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation.

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  • Exclusive diamond like coating allows for non-stick placement and sculpting of the composite resin
  • Hard surface isn’t sensitive to scratches
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean
  • Maximum contrast against the filling & minimal reflections due to dark colour coating
  • ErgoSense handle for extreme precision and feel
  • Instruments can be cleaned and sterilised similarly to all other LM Instruments

Burnisher: For packing and modelling composite

Burnisher-Plugger ball-ended 1.5-2.5mm: For modelling composite

Modeller MH: For packing large approximal fillings. Cylinder shaped working end will not get stuck into the composite while light curing

Modeller MH Mini: For packing small and medium approximal fillings

Packer-Modeller IO: For packing and modelling composite

Plastic instrument, anterior: For placing, packing and contouring composite

Plastic instrument, posterior: For placing, packing and contouring composite

Mini Spatula: For placing and contouring composite

LMDES0031DD Dark Diamond Burnisher LM 31-32 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0471DD Dark Diamond Burnisher-Plugger Ball-End 1.5-2.5mm LM 471-473 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0709DD Dark Diamond Modeller MH LM 708-709 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0708DD Dark Diamond Modeller MH Mini LM 707-708 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0482DD Dark Diamond Packer-Modeller IO LM 482-483 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0043DD Dark Diamond Plastic Instrument Anterior LM 43-47 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0048DD Dark Diamond Plastic Instrument Posterior LM 48-702 DD ES ErgoSense

LMDES0444DD Dark Diamond Mini Spatula LM 444-445 DD ES ErgoSense