LM Cord Packer

For packing retraction cord into the gingival pocket.

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  • The bent blade enables getting around the tooth as well as the packing of the cord using vertical motions
  • LM-DuraGradeMAX supersteel tips
  • Ergonomic design reduces risk of RSI

LMD0490 Cord Packer 2.0mm LM 490-491 Si ErgoNorm

LMDE0490 Cord Packer 2.0mm LM 490-491 XSi ErgoMax

LMDES0490 Cord Packer 2.0mm LM 490-491 ES ErgoSense

LMD0492 Cord Packer 2.6mm LM 492-493 Si ErgoNorm

LMDE0492 Cord Packer 2.6mm LM 492-493 XSi ErgoMax

LMDES0492 Cord Packer 2.6mm LM 492-493 ES ErgoSense