LM-Cello Strip Holders and Strips

For use in prophylactics, restoration, aesthetic and prosthetic care and orthodontics

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  • The removal of calculus from contact areas
  • Preparation for flossing and toothpick use
  • When finishing proximal surfaces, the strip can serve as a toothpaste applicator


  • The finishing of proximal and contact surfaces
  • Preparation for both rubber dam and matrix techniques

Aesthetic and prosthetic care:

  • The finishing of cement seams on laminates, cast fillings and crowns


  • Enamel stripping

LM-Cello Stripholder includes a sample for each strip (6pcs)

Strip selection: package 50 pcs, coarseness 60 microns

LMD2010C LM-Cello Stripholder

LMD5502 LM-Cello Strips with Blank One Sided 2mm (PKG50)

LMD5503 LM-Cello Strips with Blank One Sided 3mm (PKG50)

LMD5503D LM-Cello Strips with Blank Double Sided 3mm (PKG50)

LMD5512 LM-Cello Strips One Sided 2mm (PKG50)

LMD5513 LM-Cello Strips One Sided 3mm (PKG50)

LMD5513D LM-Cello Strips Double Sided 3mm (PKG50)