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LM Arte Replica Posterior

Replicate Easily.

Clever instrument designed for simplifying occlusal modelling of posterior teeth in direct composite restorations.

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LM Arte Replica Posterior: Replicate Easily View
LM Arte Replica Posterior for occlusal modelling with simple steps: long version View


The instrument makes occlusal modelling fast, simple and predictable. This particular instrument can easily recreate the Occlusal anatomy of a single tooth,  guided by the buccal cusps and using the replica technique.

The Replica Posterior instrument has one concave and one convex side.

LM-Arte™ is a range of innovative instruments for esthetic restorations that is designed especially for composite layering. Each instrument is color-coded and named after its main function, enabling you to administer easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. The lightweight and ergonomic LM™ handle design, together with high-quality tip materials, provides excellent tactile sensitivity and easy handling for the best clinical results.

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LM Arte Replica Posterior – LM Arte Replica Posterior
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