• LM-Arte Set LM 6840 ES
  • LM Arte Appica LM 46-49 ES-1
  • LM Arte Condensa LM 488-489 ES-1
  • LM Arte Fissura LM 481-487 ES-2 (1)
  • LM Arte Misura LM 496-497 ES-2 (1)
  • LM Arte Eccesso LM 307-308 ES-1
  • LM-Arte Set LM 6840 XSI

LM Arte Kit

Developed in co-operation with Style Italiano

LM-Arte is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations and designed especially for composite layering.

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Each instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function to enable easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments.

LM-Arte Instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a study group of passionate clinicians and researchers specialised in restorative dentistry.

  • LM-Arte Applica: A very thin and flexible spatula for transporting and modelling the composite
  • LM-Arte Condensa: A long and round plugger especially for modelling composite
  • LM-Arte Fissura: Sharp pointed tips for modelling of occlusal surface structures
  • LM-Arte Misura: For horizontal and vertical measuring of thicknesses of composite layers on the restorations
  • LM-Arte Eccesso: For the removal of composite and bonding residue

LM-Arte Set includes: Applica, Condensa, Fissura, Misura, Eccesso, LM-Servo 5 cassette

Product Ref.
LM Arte Kit – Arte Kit LM 6840 XSI
ErgoMax handles
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Product Ref.
LM Arte Kit – Arte Kit LM 6840 ES
ErgoSense handles
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