Impressional Alginate

Amazingly elastic

Cavex Impressional is ideally suited to working around metal frameworks and/or noticeable undercuts due to a combination of exceptionally high elasticity, compression strength and detail reproduction (25um)

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  • When even the tiniest details are important
  • High elasticity to ensure the alginate won’t tear if there are slight undercuts
  • High tear strength ensures that it is deformation resistant
  • Detail reproduction 25 microns
  • Optimal gypsum compatibility
  • Higher legible blue colour
  • Spearmint aroma
  • Dust free
  • Excellent for the stiff alginate technique and the alginate-hydrocolloid combination technique
  • Patient friendly setting times in mouth
  • CAV0500 Cavex Alginate Impressional Fast Set 500g
  • CAV0531 Cavex Alginate Impressional Fast Set10kg 20 x 500g
  • CAV0532 Cavex Alginate Impressional Fast Set 6kg 12 x 500g

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