Endo Access Bur Kit ENDO2

This kit is a complete set of Meisinger Endo Access Burs designed for safe access into the root canal. Unlike traditional burs that obstruct your vision into the working area, these burs have long, thin necks allowing for an excellent, unobstructed view. These unique burs allow the practitioner to safely and easily remove dentinal triangles and flare the canal orifice for optimal straight line access into the root canal. Due to their very stable construction, the Endo Access Burs have optimal low-vibration concentricity and are designed to create less heat and debris than traditional ultrasonic tips. The color bands on the shank allow for quick identification and selection of the instruments.

Endo Access Bur Kit Flyer View
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  • Excellent view into the working area
  • Safe and easy endodontic access procedure
  • Compiled selection for processing of different dental materials
  • Long lasting carbide head, Reduced debris and heat
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Available in 31mm and 34mm neck lengths
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Endo Access Bur Kit ENDO2 – Endo Access Bur Kit ENDO2 – Meisinger
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