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Combi-Cart Clinic

All in one!

The COMBI-CART CLINIC combines 1 three-way-syringe, 3 treatment instruments and 2 suction devices including compressor and suction machine on one single cart! Aside from treating your patients in your dental clinic, it offers you the flexibility to treat them in hospitals, retirement homes or other institutions. You can easily move your COMBI-CART CLINIC from one room to the next. No installation needed (plug-and-play).

To activate and use your COMBI-CART CLINIC simply plug in the power cord. The silent COMBI-CART CLINIC, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, in addition to flexible application, is also marked by high performance, little need to apply maintenance, and easy use.

The high performance suction (300 l/min) with BPR Swiss patent-pending technology is complemented by instruments thoroughly efficient even with continuous operation. The great comfort of the COMBI-CART CLINIC is rounded of by the convenience of a very silent compressor (48 dB!) and useful connections for external devices.

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  • Autonomously functioning cart with integrated silent oil-free compressor, aspirator, and spray water tanks
  • High quality stainless steel housing
  • 1 Three-way syringe (air/water/spray) with sterilisable tips
  • Integrated spray water system for syringe and instruments (check valve prevents the back flow of water)
  • 3 instrument hoses with light (6-hole connector)
  • Instrument hoses detachable
  • Spray adjustment regulators for each instrument
  • 1 Saliva/Surgical suction hose including oral-dry-cup
  • 1 High-performance suction hose 300 l/min. Continuously adjustable. With the patent-pending BPR Swiss technology
  • 2 Spray water tanks: 2 x 0.75 litre
  • 2 Suction fluid containers: 2 x 2 litres (automatic overflow protection)
  • Foot control with spray on/off function and chip
  • Integrated compressor: Capacity 75 l/min at 4 bar; Max. pressure: 8 bar; Sound pressure level: 48 dB
  • Compressed air tank: 4 litres
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Combi-Cart Clinic – Combi-Cart Clinic Autonomous Mobile Cart – 3 hoses, 3-in-1, compressor
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