Clearfil Porcelain Bond Activator

Used for the creation of a silane layer which in combination with other Clearfil products such as the primers of SE Protect, SE Bond and Liner Bond 2V guarantees high bond strength.

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  • Surface treatment of ceramics, hybrid ceramics or composite resin after mixing the adhesives or primer
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges made of ceramic, hybrid ceramic or composite resin
  • To create a silane adhesive layer
  • Fresh mixing with Clearfil Universal Bond, the primer of SE Bond, the primer of SE Protect, the primers of Liner Bond 2V, Photo Bond or New Bond, guarantees high bond strength
  • Pre-treatment for restorations made of ceramic or composite resin
  • Suitable for intraoral and extraoral use
  • Economical

KUR0519 Clearfil Porcelain Bond Activator 4ml

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