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Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • What are dental ultrasonic cleaning solutions & what are they used for?
  • What dental ultrasonic cleaners do we offer at J&S Davis?
  • Discover our range of L&R Manufacturing’s expert, high-performance cleaning solutions

What are Dental Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions?

Dental ultrasonic cleaners are essential for decontaminating equipment to ensure optimum hygiene and patient safety. They are used in ultrasonic cleaning machines to thoroughly clean any dental equipment or accessories that have been used.

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What Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners Do We Offer At J&S Davis?

At J&S Davis, we stock a range of dental ultrasonic cleaners from our trusted partner, L&R Manufacturing, the worldwide leader in the formulating, manufacturing and distributing of high-performance ultrasonic cleaning solutions and equipment. With 90 years of experience, all of their highly-effective ultrasonic solutions are backed by thorough research and development, which is why we are proud to offer their products to our customers!

Alginate Remover Powder:

This expert L&R Manufacturing solution is a concentrated powder formula specially designed to remove alginate, loose plaster and stone.

Barrier Milk Instrument Protector:

L&R Manufacturing's Barrier Milk Instrument Protector helps to protect instruments from rust and heat discolouration during autoclaving by being a corrosion inhibitor and lubricant. Their phenolic and nitrate-free solution has a neutral pH and a mild, pleasant odour to ensure optimum instrument cleaning, as well as patient and dental professional comfort.

General Purpose Ammoniated Solution:

This extra-strength formulation has been designed for laboratory use to effectively clean instruments, bridges, crowns and moulds. It is used in an ultrasonic cleaner to brighten non-precious and precious alloys, including gold and other precious metals.

General Purpose Non-Ammoniated Solution:

This ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for removing debris, blood, tissue and other contaminants from dental instruments, equipment and apparatus. You can also use this solution as a carrier bath when using auxiliary pans or beakers, making it flexible for a variety of cleaning needs.

Plaster & Stone Remover:

This L&R ultrasonic cleaner is specially formulated to remove plaster and stone from partials, flasks, articulators and dentures. It also works on all styles of moulds and trays.

Tartar, Light Stain & Permanent Cement Remover:

This efficient dual-purpose ultrasonic cleaning solution can be used to remove tartar and light stains from dentures and partials, as well as permanent and temporary cement and other materials.

Temporary Cement Remover:

Designed for both eugenol and non-eugenol-based cement, this solution effectively and safely removes temporary dental cement from a variety of surfaces.

UltraDose General Purpose Cleaner Powder:

L&R's powder-based ultrasonic solution is an effective way to remove debris, bacteria and blood from a variety of dental tools and accessories. It can also be used to remove oxides and buffing compounds.

UltraDose Tartar & Light Stain Remover Sachets:

This concentrated powder formula is ideal for cleaning dentures, bridges and partials. Due to its sachet design, it works for a single-dose application, making it a fast and easy solution that eliminates mess.

UltraDose Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution:

L&R's UltraDose ultrasonic cleaning solution is ideal for the decontamination of dental instruments, hand instruments, accessories, burs and apparatus, thoroughly removing any debris, bioburden or blood from your equipment.

For more information on any of the L&R Manufacturing Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners that we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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