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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Ultrasonic & Air Polishing Accessories

  • What is ultrasonic teeth cleaning?
  • What are the benefits of ultrasonic teeth cleaning?
  • What ultrasonic teeth cleaning and air polishing dental accessories do we stock and distribute at J&S Davis?

What is Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning uses an ultrasonic scaler rather than a manual plaque scraper to professionally clean teeth. As the newest cleaning innovation in dentistry, it offers unmatched results and efficiency, using high-performance ultrasound technology to clean and whiten teeth. Regarded as hygienic and safe by industry professionals, ultrasonic teeth cleaning surpasses any other method!

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As mentioned, the procedure involves an ultrasonic scaler, which uses electromagnet forces to enable a hand-held wand to vibrate at a high frequency. A gel is used to cover the teeth, and the force of the wand vibrating allows this gel to permeate the enamel of the patient’s teeth, removing any stains, as well as visible and invisible plaque.

What Are the Benefits of Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning?

  • The main benefit of ultrasonic teeth cleaning is that the process takes around a third of the time needed to complete a manual cleaning procedure. This maximises procedural efficiency, saving both you and your patient’s time!
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning has been designed to be completely painless, although some individuals may experience slight discomfort or sensitivity, depending on their teeth. However, this can be fixed by using varying scale sizes or a lesser vibration frequency.
  • Reduces the amount of teeth whitening gel that is needed. In comparison to traditional, manual procedures, ultrasonic teeth cleaning utilises less gel whilst also offering better results!

What Ultrasonic Cleaning and Air Polishing Dental Accessories Do We Stock and Distribute at J&S Davis?

Regarding ultrasonic cleaning and air polishing accessories, we offer a couple of products from our trusted partner, LM Arte Instruments, who are renowned ergonomic pioneers, specialising in a range of dental instruments manufactured using cutting-edge technological advancements. With significant experience in the industry, all of their hand instruments are designed specifically for their purpose, with years of research and communication with dental professionals ensuring they are entirely fit for purpose.

ErgoGrip Focus LED Sleeve:

LM’s ErgoGrip Focus LED Sleeve guarantees a comfortable, non-slip grip to ensure procedural safety and efficiency. This is aided by LM’s innovative use of soft material within its design, which dampens the vibrations and helps to keep your hands warm. This is essential to prevent blood circulation problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It also offers good tactile sensitivity for ultrasonic cleaning and air polishing handpieces, again allowing for effective and efficient procedures. Available in a variety of colours to maximise equipment organisation, LM’s silicone ErgoGrips are removable and autoclavable, which means that you don’t need to buy several expensive handpieces; instead, the ErgoGrip maximises your flexibility, with only a few needed to keep your practice running effectively!

ErgoGrip Ultra:

Also designed with a non-slip grip and good tactile sensitivity, LM’s ErgoGrip Ultra silicone handles are well-balanced, causing less strain on dental professionals’ hands providing outstanding ergonomics. These instruments are also available in a selection of colours, making them easy to locate during procedures. Much like the ErgoGrip Focue LED Sleeve, this solution is removable and autoclavable, again reducing the need for multiple expensive handpieces!

For more information on any of the ultrasonic cleaning and air polishing equipment we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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