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Tooth Desensitizers

J&S Davis stocks an exclusive range of teeth desensitizing treatments from three of the world's leading dental innovators; Cavex, Curasept and Kuraray.

Dentine sensitivity (DS) and dentinal hypersensitivity (DH) are causes of pain and discomfort for many patients that, at best, temporarily compromise the pleasure taken from eating and drinking, but at worst, can facilitate severe oral health problems that negatively impact the quality of life.

The successful treatment and ongoing management of tooth sensitivity is a vital and expected part of dentistry today.

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Dentine sensitivity and dentinal hypersensitivity

Desensitizer gel for teeth from J&S DavisIn brief, dentine sensitivity can be identified by the patient experiencing short and sharp pains when the problem tooth is subject to stimuli such as abrasion from hard brushing, dietary acids found in citrus fruits or fizzy drinks, and extremes of hot and cold.

Dentinal hypersensitivity has many of the same symptoms as DS, except more usually, the patient suffers severe, ongoing dental pain. Therefore, more often than not, DS and DH are terms used interchangeably when practitioners talk about tooth sensitivity.

Caries, trauma and everyday wear and tear can all contribute to causing sensitive teeth. With cosmetic dentistry on the rise, today's dentists are also mindful of the sensitivity sometimes caused by teeth whitening procedures. When applied using trays, in particular, the high concentrations of peroxide-based bleaching products used during whitening treatment are in contact with the teeth for extended periods. As a result, patients may report heightened tooth sensitivity of varying degrees after whitening, although it is usually only temporary.

Treatment for sensitive teeth from J&S Davis

A myriad of over the counter treatments for sensitive teeth are available to patients, offering immediate pain relief as they either seal any small cracks or holes in the tooth's surface or form a protective barrier.

When a patient has presented with sensitive teeth and a thorough examination has eliminated any underlying causes, e.g. fractures, recent restoration work or pulpitis, the dental professional may opt for a more nuanced treatment.

Bite & White ExSense from Cavex

This tooth conditioner can be used as the desensitizing element of the Bite & White whitening treatment or as a standalone desensitizing product. Cavex has innovated a sol (solid dispersed in a liquid) that offers a smooth and easy gel-like application of hydroxyapatite to seal microcracks and tubules. Micro-hardness of the tooth is supported by the crystallization process and accelerates remineralization.

Bismalto Impact Action mousse (sensitive) from Curasept

This mousse uses substituted hydroxyapatite to remineralize and strengthen tooth enamel. With fluoride added as standard, this formula relieves the pain of sensitive teeth by using strontium salts to occlude dentinal tubules whilst simultaneously increasing tooth resistance to attacks from acids.

Teethmate Desensitizer by Kuraray

Boasting "smart, invisible and durable" hydroxyapatite treatment, the Teethmate Desensitizer is a liquid and powder mix that is easily applied to close prepared or exposed dentin and is readily combined with your favourite cement or adhesive. It only takes ten minutes to apply, doesn't affect other gingival tissue and offers up to six months of pain relief for your patients.

You can find out more about the J&S Davis range of desensitizing products from our Product Specialists. Find your closest one here.

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