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Prophylaxis Cups & Brushes

Brushes & Cups For Comfort & Precision

  • What is Dental Prophylaxis?
  • What are Prophylaxis Brushes & Cups & How Are They Used?
  • A look into the efficient, high-quality Prophylaxis Brushes & Cups we stock from trusted dental manufacturer Cordent

J&S Davis is a leading distributor and supplier of a range of dental equipment, items, products and tools, such as dental impression materials, cement, filling materials, burs and oral hygiene equipment. With over 100 years of experience in the dental industry, our team has the knowledge and expertise to source only the best dental products from various high-quality global brands. One of our chosen partners is Cordent, a manufacturer of efficient, reliable prophylaxis brushes and cups for use with all major brands of prophylaxis paste.

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What is Dental Prophylaxis?

Dental prophylaxis care and treatments are preventative dental procedures involving the thorough cleaning of a patient's teeth and gums. It aims to better protect patients from tooth loss and reduce the risk of gum disease. Dental prophylaxis care involves a complete examination of the teeth before cleaning and polishing procedures can be done, during which 

prophylaxis cups and brushes come into contact with the teeth and gums. The main benefit of dental prophylaxis treatments is not only that it prevents dental issues but that they can also be used as a routine method of deep teeth cleaning. This allows for high levels of oral hygiene and gum health and ensures your patient's teeth are free from plaque and stains.

What are Prophylaxis Brushes & Cups?

Prophylaxis brushes and cups are dental instruments used in the prophylaxis sector of dentistry for the polishing and brightening of dental surfaces and cement. Both products are designed to be attached to dental handpieces, allowing for fast replacement and precise use. Prophylaxis brushes and cups make contact with the patient's teeth, and are used by dental professionals in specific motions to clean, polish and remove plaque and discolouration. They are used alongside specifically designed and formulated prophylaxis dental pastes to achieve the best results and finishes. 

Prophylaxis Brushes:

The Cordent expert prophylaxis brushes are composed of nylon and have been specially designed for the cleaning and polishing of natural teeth, amalgam fillings and gold. The main benefit of these prophy brushes is that they have been designed to ensure and increase patient comfort when removing plaque and stains, making them a preferred choice amongst dental professionals. 

Prophylaxis Cups:

Cordent's latex-free rubber prophylaxis cups have been designed for fast and painless prophylaxis care. In comparison to the range of Cordent brushes, these cups are more rigid, meaning they are more effective when cleaning heavy, darker stains such as tea, coffee and red wine. Cordent recommends you have both the prophylaxis brushes and cups within your dentistry kit to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities and more stubborn new or existing stains that are challenging to remove. This way, you can achieve maximised patient comfort and satisfaction, all with Cordent's efficient range of prophylaxis products!

For more information about any of the Cordent Prophylaxis Brushes and Cups we stock and distribute, please call our team of experts on 01438 747344. Or please click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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