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Dental Rings

Instrument Rings & Storage

  • J&S Davis are a UK-based distributor of a range of high-quality, reliable dental products, supplies, & equipment including dental rings & storage accessories to keep you organised & efficient
  • What are dental rings?
  • What dental rings & storage solutions do we offer at J&S Davis?

What are Dental Rings?

Dental rings are an effective solution that aids the identification of hand instruments. They allow you to code your equipment, ensuring procedural ease and efficiency.

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What Dental Rings & Storage Solutions Do We Offer At J&S Davis?

At J&S Davis, we stock a variety of dental products and supplies, including dental rings. We also offer a range of storage and organisational solutions and accessories for hand instruments and other equipment to keep your dental practice running smoothly and efficiently. All of our instrument rings and storage have been thoroughly tried and tested to guarantee high-quality and reliable performance.

By combining our available dental rings and storage solutions, you can ensure optimum organisation and productivity within your dental surgery or practice! Our range of dental rings and storage solutions includes:

Dental Rings:

ID Rings:
We offer Polydentia’s efficient ID Rings, which are ideal for the easy organisation and identification of hand instruments. These elastic silicone rubber solutions have an internal diameter of 3mm and come in 10 different colours to aid efficient organisation and eliminate confusion.

Maxi ID-Rings:
These dental rings, also from Polydentia, are slightly bigger, with an internal diameter of 6mm, making them ideal for larger hand instruments. They are also made from elastic silicone rubber and come in a handy range of 10 colours.

LM Code Rings:

From one of the leading innovators of renowned dental hand instruments, LM Instruments, we offer the LM Code Rings, an efficient coding solution that allows for easy identification and organisation. Available in packs of 50 dental rings, this system comes in a variety of different colours, including red, yellow, blue, pink, green, white and even lime and lavender. This way, you can effectively code your hand instruments to ensure procedural and surgery efficiency and ease!

Dental Storage Solutions:

Cassette for LM Extraction Instruments:
Regarding storage solutions for your dental hand instruments, LM Instruments has designed a convenient, quality cassette that protects both your instruments and you during the maintenance cycle. This is because the cassette prevents the instrument from puncturing the sterilisation pouch, reducing the risk of injury for the handler whilst also assuring effective sterilisation!

LM Servo Code Buttons:
Another storage solution we offer from LM Instruments is their Servo Code Buttons (not including the cassette), which are another solution that helps simplify the identification and organisation of instruments.

Servo 5 Cassette:
LM’s Servo 5 Cassette is sold separately from their hand instruments and is a storage compartment that houses 5 of their instruments. It can be coded with their silicone code buttons and can even be attached to their LM-ServoMax tray set with secure metal clips for handler ease and efficiency!

Servo 5E Cassette:
This cassette also stores 5 instruments, but with an added safety shield that prevents sharp injuries whilst also protecting the blades of the instruments. The patented design of LM’s efficient E safety shield lamels, guides the washing fluid through the cassette, which allows for the thorough cleaning of the tips of your instruments. These storage solutions are also structured to enable free rotation of your dental hand instruments during cleaning and rinsing!

Servo 8 Cassette:
Similar in design to the Servo 5, this solution holds 8 instruments and is again sold separately to LM’s dental hand instruments.

Servo 8E Cassette:
Like all their E cassettes, LM’s 8E is equipped with innovative safety shields that protect both equipment and handler. They can be colour-coded and integrated into a ServoMax tray, depending on your exact needs and requirements!

ServoMax Tray Set:
The final dental storage solution we offer is LM Instrument’s ServoMax tray set, which, as mentioned above, can have their cassettes attached depending on your exact procedural requirements. These dental trays offer optimum storage and organisation for your dental equipment and accessories during both cleaning and dental and surgery procedures.

For more information on any of the dental rings or storage solutions that we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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