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Dental Impression Disinfectant

  • J&S Davis is a leading UK supplier of a range of dental products & equipment, including dental impression disinfectant
  • What is dental impression disinfectant?
  • Discover Cavex’s ImpreSafe - Your 3-Minute Hero for removing bacteria, viruses & fungi on both alginate & silicone impressions

J&S Davis has over 100 years as a leading UK supplier of dental equipment, products and accessories. We use our industry expertise and knowledge to source only the best quality products from trusted brands from all around the world. This allows us to supply you with a variety of high-quality, high-performance dental solutions that you can rely on for endodontics and orthodontics and other dental surgical procedures. One of the dental solutions we offer is dental impression disinfectant.

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What is Dental Impression Disinfectant?

Dental impression disinfectant is essential to clean impression materials and ensure all bacteria, fungi, and viruses have been destroyed. This is important to ensure hygienic procedures and prevent contamination of the impression materials to avoid the potential of oral infection. The British Dental Association (BDA), as well as other global associations, recommend that impressions and impression materials are properly disinfected before they are sent to the laboratory.

Cavex's ImpreSafe - Your 3-minute hero!

Cavex is the largest manufacturer of dental alginate in Europe, producing an expert range of impression and filling materials that meet all indications and preferences. Their extensive alginate knowledge and expertise has allowed them to formulate the perfect counterpart to their alginates, an efficient dental impression disinfectant. Cavex's ImpreSafe is an innovative impression disinfectant that takes only 3 minutes to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on both alginate and silicone impressions! It achieves this without affecting the impression surface, maintaining accuracy and precision.

This dental impression disinfectant is compliant with DGHM guidelines and EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14561 and EN 14562, making it a safe and reliable solution. It is also a time-saving, economical choice as it only requires (on average) once weekly changes. You can purchase ImpreSafe as a complete system, including the liquid, water bath and timer to ensure you have everything you need for the efficient disinfection of your dental impressions and impression materials.

Benefits of ImpreSafe:

  • It is a complete solution that is fast and effective
  • Unlike other disinfecting liquids, ImpreSafe is effective in a very short contact time, enabling unmatched efficiency
  • It has no negative effect on the surface of the impression or on the print
  • Extensive testing by several leading laboratories has confirmed it as a highly reliable, safe and effective disinfectant liquid
  • It's 100% aldehyde-free, making it a non-toxic, safe disinfectant with a natural scent

Product Range:

At J&S Davis, we stock a variety of Cavex's ImpreSafe products, including:

  • Cavex ImpreSafe Container
  • Cavex ImpreSafe Impression Disinfectant Starter Kit - includes 1x Bottle Disinfection Concentrate (1 Litre), 1x Container, 1x Timer, 50x Zip Lock Bags, Protocol
  • Cavex ImpreSafe Impression Disinfectant 1 Litre

For more information on the Cavex ImpreSafe Dental Impression Disinfectant, please click here to contact us at J&S Davis or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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