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  • Targeted, intensive short-term relief from soreness and inflammation
  • Contains chlorhexidine’s antiseptic, disinfectant properties
  • Patented Anti Discolouration System
  • Topical, easy to apply, no prescription required

What is Curasept ADS 350 Periodontal Gel?

Supplied in handy 30ml tubes, this smooth gel contains 0.5% chlorhexidine to provide the best protection against tooth decay and plaque build-up in patients during a wide range of both common and complex dental and orthodontic treatments.

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Curasept gel from J&S Davis

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Curasept gel for patients

Harnessing all the antiseptic and disinfectant properties you'd expect from a gel containing chlorhexidine, Curasept's ADS 350 Periodontal Gel uses their patented Anti Discolouration System (ADS) to effectively protect against the inherent risks of chlorhexidine use. When you consider the reduced risks of tooth discolouration, dry mouth and disruption to taste, patients are much more likely to maintain a full course of treatment.

In addition to the prevention of plaque build-up and tooth decay, using Curasept ADS 350 Periodontal Gel can help patients manage everyday dental complaints like mouth ulcers, mild gum disease and soreness, from dentures or orthodontic devices. Equally, it can help reduce inflammation to facilitate better tooth brushing and the use of interdental brushes, promoting a more effective oral health routine.

The alcohol-free formula reduces pain during application. The gel is sugar-free to help allay any concerns over sugar intake. For the chemically mindful patient, it does not contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS). It is suitable for daily use, is available without prescription and can be used during pregnancy.

The gel is designed for topical use, so it's easy to apply directly to the affected area using a small single tufted toothbrush or more readily massaged in using a clean finger.

Curasept for practitioners

Curasept ADS 350 Periodontal Gel is an antimicrobial gingival gel with wide-reaching indications for treating more complex and long-term dental conditions. It can also be used as a topical element of an ongoing oral care package that uses Curasept toothpaste and mouthwash products.

Gingivitis, periodontitis, and receding gums are just some of the conditions that cause ongoing pain and discomfort for patients that can also require extensive, ongoing treatment. Conditions such as these can be alleviated through the use of the gel, helping to secure ongoing patient adherence to a prescribed course of care.

With the gel being a higher strength than the mouthwash, it can play an essential part of any care regimen, for example, after surgery or in instances of mucosal trauma, in addition to endodontic, implant and restorative procedures.

Patients and practitioners alike can also take assurance from the fact that the performance and effects of the gel are not compromised by the patented ADS technology.

J&S Davis stock a wide range of Curasept products, available to order from your local retailer.

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