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Domiciliary & Mobile Dental Equipment

  • The demand for ease and flexibility is increasing as the mobile dentistry industry is expanding, with the need for high-quality, efficient mobile dental units promoting a new challenge for the world of dentistry
  • J&S Davis has partnered with BPR Swiss, a trusted partner, that provides dental treatment at full capacity, anytime and anywhere, with their mobile dental units
  • Experience high-performance and unmatched flexibility with their Combi-Cart Clinic & Denta-Cart 404

Our goal at J&S Davis is to continuously source and provide the most high-quality and efficient dental solutions possible to fulfil your application needs. This is why we have partnered with BPR Swiss to provide you with a trusted range of mobile dental units to enable you to provide high-end dental treatments whenever and wherever.

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BPR Swiss, an innovation made in Switzerland, is a worldwide leader in mobile dentistry. The company orbits around a simple ethos – dental treatment at full capacity, anytime and everywhere. Their range of mobile carts and dental units are primarily recommended for use in the same building, allowing for flexible, efficient and easy manoeuvre.

What is a Mobile Dental Unit? 

Mobile dental units are lightweight facilities used within mobile dentistry to provide on-site dental treatments. They can be used throughout a practice, wheeled from room to room, rather than limited to one fixed area of a surgery. This allows them to be flexible to both the dentist and the patient's dental needs, promoting ease and efficiency on wheels!


A mobile dental unit can suit a range of application needs within a dental clinic, Orthodontists, oral surgery and dental hygiene. They can aid the opening, renovation or expansion of any of these services within the dentistry industry by providing a mobile solution to suit specific application requirements and guarantee dentists and patients stress-free dental treatments.

The Benefits of their Mobile Dental Units:

BPR Swiss mobile dental units are a unique, market-leading solution that offers high-performance and efficient mobility you can rely on. As a leader in mobile dentistry, they have used their years of expertise and knowledge to design, innovate and manufacture trusted solutions flexible to a multitude of dental services.

At J&S Davis, we are proud to stock and supply their...

Combi-Cart Clinic

This all-in-one Combi-Cart Clinic is an innovative solution that combines one three-way syringe, three treatment instruments and two suction devices in one efficient mobile dental unit. Due to the absence of any need for an installation plug, this mobile dental unit is not only ideal for treating patients in your dental clinic but can also be flexible for hospital or retirement home visits, offering the same high-level service and equipment wherever you need it!

Some of its features include:

  • A high-performance suction hose developed with unique BPR Swiss technology for maximum efficiency
  • Autonomously functioning cart with integrated silent oil-free compressor (48 dB), aspirator and spray water tanks for improved convenience and a more relaxing dental treatment for patients
  • All detachable instrument hoses as well as spray adjustment regulators for each instrument

Denta-Cart 404

The Denta-Cart 404 is well renowned for its elegance and flexibility, enhanced by a unique design and incredible attention to detail. It requires no installation and simply needs to be connected to an air source and plugged into an electrical socket, making it a beautifully simple, entirely mobile dental unit.

Some of its features include:

  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • A three-way syringe (air/water/spray) with sterilisable tips ensures comfort and safety for patients
  • Foot control with spray-on/off function and chip allowing smooth and easy operation

For more information or if you would like to enquire about any of these BRP Swiss Mobile Dental Units, please feel free to contact us here or call 01438 747344.

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