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Digital Dentistry

  • What is digital dentistry?
  • What are the benefits of digital dentistry?
  • What digital dental technology do we stock & distribute at J&S Davis?

What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is a segment of the industry that utilises digital dental technology or computer-controlled equipment to carry out procedures rather than electrical or mechanical tools. Examples of digital dentistry equipment include intraoral cameras and scanners, CAD/CAM and 3D printing, digital radiography and electric, surgical and implant handpieces. This digital revolution stems back to the father of digital dentistry, French professor François Duret, who in 1971 invented CAD/CAM dentistry. Since then, extensive research, development and innovation have taken place to extend the digital dentistry technologies available. Today, digital solutions exist to take impressions, plan and carry out treatment and perform diagnostics, thus transforming the world of dentistry and orthodontics.

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Dentistry?

  • Research and development means that digital equipment is available for both diagnostic purposes and dental restorations
  • Digital equipment has improved the efficiency and speed of dental procedures due to increased accuracy
  • Digital dental equipment is being used as a new, innovative way to facilitate dental treatments and deal with rising patient demands
  • Some equipment, such as scanners, can detect oral issues in the very early stages, before serious issues arise, helping to maximise patient comfort and results
  • Advancements in digital dental technology have allowed professionals to be able to see and assess even the smallest problems and defects of teeth which can’t be noticed by the naked eye or traditional methods, equipment, or techniques

So, What Digital Dental Technology Do We Stock And Distribute At J&S Davis?

At J&S Davis, we offer digital dental technology from renowned and trusted partner Hager & Meisinger. Meisinger’s revolutionary “Digital Chairside Solution” (DCS) system offers a complete chairside package for all dental prosthetics. Not only that, but it also gives you maximum freedom regarding indication and choice of material, making it a digital essential for practices and dental professionals!

DCS Milling Machine:

One element of Meisinger’s “Digital Chairside Solution” is their milling machine, a 5-axis technology which guarantees high precision due to integrated temperature compensation. Operating this innovative piece of kit is fully autonomous, thanks to its integrated compressed air and cooling liquid. Meisinger’s DCS milling machine offers wet and dry machining of all common materials (including titanium) and is easy to use. No external PC is required, and it’s ability to machine all common material blocks and 98 mm blanks make it flexible to a large range of dental procedural and treatment needs.

DCS Wireless Scanner:

Comparable to premium scanners, Meisinger’s DCS wireless imaging scanner has an attractive price-performance ratio and has been specifically tailored to the chairside process. It guarantees no follow-up costs and fast and precise scanning performance with up to 22 mm depth of focus.

Digital Planning Service:

As we know, the future is digital, and that also applies to implantology and dental surgery. Meisinger’s digital planning software offers a revolutionary approach to the future of dentistry and the ease, efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures!

For more information on any of the digital dental technology we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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