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Dental Splinting Materials

Fibreglass splints are fast, easy and cost-effective, benefitting you and your patients

Bruxism, occlusal irregularities and loose teeth caused by poor oral hygiene are just three of many conditions where the practitioner might recommend dental splinting. Polydentia dental splints from J&S DavisIn addition, damage caused by teeth grinding, jaw clenching and other avoidable stresses and strains through the jaw and on the teeth themselves can result in daily discomfort, regular invasive procedures such as crowns and root canal work, and even permanent tooth loss if left untreated.

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The mid-1850s saw Charles Goodyear's patented vulcanite rubber present dentistry with a pioneering new product, soft enough to be moulded for dental splinting work. More recently, innovations in fibreglass technology have seen dentistry move away from the restrictive, ungainly splint work of old that had limited efficacy and caused discomfort for the patient.

These days, the flexible fibreglass material offers patients splint work that is complex, continuous and restorative but is also minimally invasive, discreet, fast and crucially, cost-effective. Furthermore, with progressions in composite shade matching, today's splinting also offers the patient great aesthetics; increasingly, patients are now using splint work to protect cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening and 'smile make-overs'.

For the practitioner, fibreglass splints present a malleable, biocompatible alternative to the combination of composite resins and metal retainers, which is a fast and easy solution to splinting mobile teeth, with multiple indications.

J&S Davis believes the Polydentia F-Splint system is your complete dental splint solution

Dental innovators, Polydentia, have been instrumental in applying their Swiss precision to customised dental solutions for their clients for the last 40 years, and the Fiber-Splint (F-Splint) range of products is no different.

Polydentia products can be found in over 110 countries across the globe - J&S Davis is delighted to be one of only two UK distributors of Polydentia's F-Splint, fibreglass splinting system.

Initially developed in partnership with a dentist back in 1989, the F-Splint system is scientifically and clinically tested to treat post-periodontal surgery or act as a temporary fix before an implant, in addition to many other tooth stabilising and repositioning indications.

Thin enough not to affect functionality and supplied already saturated with a bonding agent, F-Splint ribbons support healing tissue, reduce the need for extraction and can be effectively deployed to support existing cosmetic dental work for differing size teeth.

In addition to practical resealable packaging, the F-Splint system also comes with specially designed Clip & Splint application clips which are latex-free and autoclavable. These clips are small enough to give the practitioner a clear view of the work, offering an optimal hold of the strip to attain perfect positioning each time.

J&S Davis only stocks Polydentia splinting systems because they offer today's practitioner a one-stop shop for comfortable, quick and durable splints every time.

The range includes:


 F Splint Aid & Slim: F-Splint-Aid & Slim are fibreglass ribbons pre-impregnated with bonding (Fiber-Bond). F-Splint-Aid (4 mm) and F-Splint-Aid Slim (2 mm) both grant the same strength.


Fiber-Splint-ML-Multi-Layer-5971 from J&S Davis

 Fiber Splint ML: Fiber-Splints are very versatile and realise highly aesthetic results. The practical dispenser avoids waste of material.


Polydentia dental splints from J&S Davis

 Fiber Splint ML mini starter kit: this kit includes a transparent Fiber-Plast silicone key, which allows for precision to reproduce the original position of the teeth.

Fiber-Splint-One-Layer-5970 from J&S Davis

Fiber Splint One Layer: Fiber-Splints are very versatile and realise highly aesthetic results.

Fiber-Splint-ML-Multi-Layer-5971 from J&S Davis


Fiber Splint Ortho Evolution: fibreglass ribbons of different sizes and thicknesses. The practical dispenser avoids waste of material.
F-SplintAidandSlim_04 from J&S Davis Splinting Refills are also available.

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