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Dental Primers (LP)

Pretreatment Agents

  • J&S Davis are a leading UK distributor of a range of dental products, materials & equipment from a variety of globally renowned brands
  • What are dental primers & pretreatment agents & what are they used for?
  • What dental primers & pretreatment agents do we offer at J&S Davis?

J&S Davis is a leading UK distributor of dental equipment, materials and accessories from a range of global, renowned brands. One category of dental products we offer is dental primers and pretreatment agents.

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What Are Dental Primers & Pretreatment Agents & What Are They Used For?

Dental primers and pretreatment agents are an essential part of procedural preparation. They work to create a protective surface on top of your patient's dentine to allow for better adhesion of bonding resin or other restorative dental materials.

What Dental Primers & Pretreatment Agents Do We Offer At J&S Davis?

Carles Detector:
Sometimes during dental procedures, caries can be difficult to identify, making the surgery less efficient and more complicated. Kuraray's expert Caries Detector is an efficient solution that helps to disclose caries dentine during cavity preparations.

Clearfil Alloy Primer:
Clearfil's high-performance Alloy Primer is a metal conditioning agent that helps to increase the bond strength of acrylics, porcelains and composites to dental metals. It can be used for a range of restorative procedures, including porcelain facing and crowns, as well as the fabrication and repair of dentures.

Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus:
This easy-to-use ceramic primer guarantees strong adhesion to composites, metals, ceramics and hybrid ceramics for intraoral repairs. It's formulated with a silane coupling agent MPS and the original MDP monomer that promises durable adhesion you can rely on.

Clearfil DC Activator:
As the ideal companion to Clearfil's Universal Bond, this effective priming solution activates its dual-curing mechanism. This results in universal adhesives with high self-cure bond strengths and low film thickness.

Clearfil Porcelain Bond Activator:
This pretreatment agent is used to create a silane layer, which in combination with other Clearfil priming and bonding solutions, guarantees a high bond strength.

Clearfil Porcelain Repair Kit:
Clearfil's multi-functional kit is a universal adhesive system which promises high bond strength to hybrid ceramic, ceramic and composite resin restorations. It allows for direct tooth fracture repairs in only minutes, enhancing procedural efficiency.

Clearfil ST Opaquer:
This priming and pretreatment solution is a light-curing, high-opacity resin that allows for immediate coverage of metal with only one coat. It's used for a variety of restorative dental procedures, including the lightening of discoloured or stained teeth during porcelain or composite veneer restorations, the masking of metal in restoration or post and core crowns, as well as the masking of metal during the intraoral repair of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

Katana Cleaner:
Trial fittings can often cause dental restorations to become contaminated with proteins that can reduce bond strength. Kuraray's expert Katana Cleaner has been designed with MDP salt for effective, thorough cleaning to prevent restoration damage. Its mild pH value sets it ahead of other cleaners by enabling it to be used not only extra-orally but intra-orally. It works to clean a variety of materials, including contaminated glass ceramic, resin, zirconia, metal and fibre posts. It can also be used for the cleaning of prepared tooth structures (including root canal, cavity and tooth abutment), as well as implant abutment, making it an efficient universal solution, flexible to your restorative procedures.

For more information on any of the Dental Primers and Pretreatment Agents we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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