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Dental Impression Material

As a distributor of some of the most innovative and advanced dental supplies, J&S Davis recognises that we're trusted by dental professionals to stock and source only the very best products in their field.

Our comprehensive range of Cavex dental impression materials, supported by our own J&S Davis brand of Solo impression trays and handles, represents agile and nuanced solutions for the dental practitioner.

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Dental impression materials from J&S Davis
Making the right impression

Today's dentist has a choice of two main types of impression materials - elastic and non-elastic, each with its own set of particular advantages and disadvantages.

Personal preference, ease of manipulation, accuracy and dimensional stability are factors a dentist has to consider in their patients' diagnosis and treatment planning. Once that choice has been made, selecting the right impression tray is a vital consideration for both patient comfort and the procedure's efficacy.

J&S Davis Solo impression trays are supplied in several sizes to perfectly suit a patient's oral cavity, with an optimal chance of accuracy thanks to the anatomically correct design. The rigid plastic lends itself to multiple impression materials, and the unique interlocking system of handle and tray makes for minimally intrusive insertion and removal. In addition, these trays are single-use only but fully recyclable for improved infection control and enhanced environmental credentials.

Elastic or non-elastic?

The choice of material used will always be determined by the procedure.

Non-elastic impression materials such as zinc oxide eugenol mixes, impression compounds and plasters, are ideal for the primary impressions of edentulous patients' work. Whilst non-elastic material might not flow as well as others, its rigidity means it fits better, and it is a straightforward process to take another one for improved accuracy.

Elastic impression materials are a more diverse group, with advantages to each variant:


Silicone is arguably the best impression material, given its dimensional stability over a long time. However, it works best in a dry environment, so it is not suitable for patients with excessive saliva.


As a hydrocolloid material, agar is easily mixed with water (hydrophilic) for accurate, high definition impressions that are readily manipulated and reversible if required. However, the supporting equipment to facilitate its use is expensive, and the long preparation and setting times make it an impractical option.


Alginate's agility makes it one of the most popular materials for dental professionals. However, there are a couple of clear disadvantages: it is irreversible (not returning to a solution form once set), and its poor dimensional stability can make it prone to movement during removal. That said, alginate's strong hydrophilic properties mean it is easy to mix and manipulate. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution, and its working and setting times can be adapted in accordance with the temperature of the water and the environment. The advantages of alginate outweigh its disadvantages, given the number of treatments it can be applied to, e.g. crowns, bridges and numerous other prostheses.

The best impression materials from J&S Davis

Cavex has been producing high-quality dental solutions for over one hundred years. Our comprehensive range of Cavex alginate impression materials and associated support equipment give today's dental professionals the best materials for every indication. Cavex alginates represent simple solutions to achieving elaborate and accurate dental impressions.

Designed with optimal comfort and reduced trauma to the gingiva, LM Dental have innovated their LM-Gengiva™ gingival retraction kit. This multi-functional set of instruments benefits from ErgoSense® and ErgoMax™ handles and is a significant progression on the more traditional rubber dam and retraction cord methods. The replaceable plastic working ends can be used on different teeth and adapt snugly to the gingival margins to secure highly accurate impressions for crowns.

Trust J&S Davis to offer impartial advice on our wide range of dental products and supplies from leading global names. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our Product Specialists if you have any questions. If you are ready to place an order, you can find your nearest retailer here.

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