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Dental Finishing and Polishing

  • J&S Davis has over 100 years of experience as a supplier of a range of dental equipment, products and accessories from globally renowned brands
  • What is dental finishing and polishing, and why is it so important?
  • Take a look at our range of available dental finishing and polishing equipment and instruments from our trusted partners - Hager & Meisinger, Polydentia and Kuraray

J&S Davis is a leading UK distributor and supplier of a range of dental equipment, products and accessories from globally renowned brands. With over 100 years of experience working within the dental industry, you can trust us for high-quality and high-performance solutions for a range of different dental procedures and applications. One category of dental equipment we offer is dental finishing and polishing.

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What is Dental Finishing and Polishing?

Dental finishing and polishing is the final stage of composite restorations. It helps to create a seamless restoration that is smooth and easy to clean for the patient. Finishing involves the refining of the composite resin's anatomy, and polishing is the subsequent process of creating the shine on the surface of the restoration.

This step is necessary for all composite restorations as it helps to promote long-lasting results, less risk of recurrent caries or infection and healthy oral tissues. Dental finishing and polishing often involves a sequential use of instruments that have a progressive decrease in abrasiveness. This helps to flatten out any irregularities and achieve a glossy, high-shine finish.

Hager & Meisinger:

At J&S Davis, we stock and distribute a variety of Hager & Meisinger's finishing and polishing kits for a range of restorative procedures in both endodontics and orthodontics. We also offer an extensive range of finishing and polishing instruments and burs, as well as other related equipment. All of Meisinger's kits come with high-quality, reliable instruments that ensure procedural accuracy and efficiency, as well as smooth, long-lasting results. Their systems work well with a range of composites, making them flexible to your exact procedural needs. If you are unsure which kit is the best fit for you, one of our specialist Brand Managers and Educators will be happy to help you out!


From Polydentia, we stock Abrasive Polishing Strips, which are contouring and finishing strips for the approximal surfaces of composite restorations. They are made of flexible polyester and firmly coated with aluminium oxide particles, making them adaptable to your exact procedural needs. Polydentia's Abrasive Polishing Strips are available in three different grit sizes in a practical box dispenser that allows for ease of use and efficiency. We also offer their Tria-Shrine, triangular-shaped finishing and polishing strips that promise unmatched protection of the contact point. This is because they have been designed with different widths that ensure easy insertion into the interdental space, protecting the contact point and enabling easy finishing at the optimum height.


At J&S Davis, we distribute Kuraray's innovative Clearfil Twist DIA flexible polishing discs. We offer their Composite Kit and Composite Refill, which contain diamond particles, as well as their Zirconia and Zirconia Refill discs, which are highly suitable for occlusions. All have been carefully innovated to ensure the creation of a natural gloss for your restorations, promising high-shine results. These discs have been innovatively designed to be reusable and suitable for any surface, making them a sustainable choice for ease and efficiency.

For more information on any of the Dental Finishing and Polishing equipment we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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