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Dental Filling Material

Dental filing material from J&S Davis'Teeth for life' is not just the preventative message advanced by the Oral Health Foundation, it is one that has been championed by J&S Davis since our inception in 1908, too.

Modern-day dental care is now much more focused on the repair, restoration and retention of teeth than in previous generations. Like all dental professionals, J&S Davis is dedicated to securing the latest, most innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure the nation's oral health.

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Dental filling materials - an overview

There are five key types of filling material available to today's dental practitioner; one has been in use for over a century, whereas some have been born out of advances in more recent material and technological innovations.

The five types are:


Perhaps the most common filling material and easily recognised by its silver colour, amalgam comprises 50% mercury, 35% tin and 15% copper and other metallic elements. Amalgam, as we know it today, has been in use for over 150 years and for a good reason; hard-wearing and durable (lasting anything from 15 years or more), these fillings are ideal for use in the posterior teeth that tackle the bulk of the mastication work in the mouth.


In use since the 1960s, composite fillings are created by combining a resin base with ceramic particles. Not as hard-wearing as an amalgam, these coloured fillings are still very strong and can be matched to the patient's tooth shade for enhanced aesthetics.

Glass ionomer

Ideally suited for use on non-biting surfaces of the teeth, this material harnesses a chemical process to bond naturally with the tooth. It can also release fluoride, which helps strengthen teeth over time but is much weaker than composite or amalgam variants.

Gold inlays and onlays

Whether functioning within the tooth (inlay) or covering a larger area (onlay), gold fillings are the longest lasting. They are tough and hard-wearing, but as a precious metal, tailor-made in a laboratory to fit the tooth, it is a more expensive choice for the patient.

Porcelain inlays

Benefitting from the use of cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, porcelain inlays have only been available since the mid-1980s. Much like their gold counterparts, they can be precision-engineered to fit a patient's tooth with the added bonus of shade matching.

Fillings built to last

J&S Davis' range of filling materials comes from two major suppliers - Cavex and Kuraray.

In existence since 1908 (like us!) and 1926 respectively, Cavex and Kuraray are both organisations dedicated to ensuring today's dental professionals can continue to optimise their performance, expertise and service through leading research and the provision of reliable, accessible and innovative dental products.

Cavex amalgams are an economical choice, known for their high-quality restoration work and ease of processing.

All Clearfil products from Kuraray have durability, strength and low shrinkage levels in common across their anterior, posterior and joint applications.

Today's dental filling materials have to strike a delicate balance between being robust, long-lasting and hard-wearing whilst being easy to work with for the practitioner and aesthetically pleasing for the patient.

J&S Davis remains committed to ensuring dental professionals have access to the very best dental products and solutions. You can find your nearest retailer here.

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