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Dental Equipment

  • Dental Equipment from J&S DavisJ&S Davis are a leading distributor of a range of different dental products & equipment from a variety of global manufacturers
  • We offer high-quality, innovative dental equipment that pushes the boundaries of modern-day dental technology
  • Take a look at the expert dental equipment we stock & distribute from 3 of our trusted partners, BPR Swiss, Cavex & LM Instruments

With years of dental industry knowledge and expertise backing their judgement, J&S Davis is a leading distributor of a wide range of global dental products and equipment. We use our years of experience to choose only the best dental equipment to stock and distribute to ensure the best quality, reliability and performance for all our clients. Let's take a look at the dental equipment we offer from some of our trusted partnering brands...

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BPR Swiss:
BPR Swiss is a leading global innovator in the portable dental equipment market, innovating a range of mobile dental units, chairs, lights and stools. They are renowned for their world-class quality and reliability with efficient dental equipment designed and ''made in Switzerland''. Regarding their dental equipment, we stock and distribute their Denta-Pro, which has been designed with ultimate portability in mind.
It is the perfect solution for a mobile dentist/hygenist at only 2.3kg, including a highly efficient dental unit, electrical motor and EMS Scaler with LED lights. Combined with its first-class portable suction unit, Denta-Pro really is the complete package.

To view the full range f equipment from BPR Swiss, please click here.

Cavex is the largest manufacturer in Europe, specialising in alginates that meet all indications, requirements and preferences. Their years of industry experience and research mean their alginates stand up to unrivalled quality expectations. The dental equipment we stock and distribute from Cavex is their Alginate Mixer II and the Cavex VacuFormer. Their Alginate Mixer II has been designed to mix alginate into a smooth paste with just one press of a button, making it an efficient piece of dental equipment that enhances dental impression performance. It helps to guarantee dental professionals a smooth, homogenous alginate mixture that they can rely on for flawless results. The Cavex VacuFormer is a genius addition to any dental professional's equipment kit due to its versatility and breadth of ability. It has been designed to act as a complete vacuum thermo-forming system for the fabrication of splints, bleach trays and mouth protectors. Every component of this piece of dental equipment has been thoroughly thought out and designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability for a range of different dental procedures.

To view the full range from Cavex, please click here.

LM Instruments:
LM Instruments keeps the specific needs of dental experts at the forefront of every piece of dental equipment they design, manufacture and distribute. They achieve this by being in constant communication with end users to keep product and equipment development focused and in line with the latest dental technologies and challenges. This allows them to create cutting-edge dental equipment that remains unrivalled in the industry.

Regarding LM Instrument's dental equipment, J&S Davis offers the ProPower CombiLED and the RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener. The ProPower CombiLED has been carefully designed for demanding professional use for a wide range of ultrasonic and polishing treatments. It combines the expert ergonomic technology of the AirLED and the UltraLED into a versatile appliance that meets the needs of modern-day dentistry whilst ensuring complete patient comfort. LM Instrument's RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener is an advanced sharpening machine that keeps periodontal instruments and handpieces working at their most efficient in only a few seconds.

To view the full range of LM Instruments, please click here.

For more information about any of the dental equipment we stock & distribute,
please click here to contact us at J&S Davis. Or, feel free to call us today on 01438 747344.

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