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J&S Davis only stocks Panavia dental cements. Here’s why:

Innovating in dental cement and bonding materials for over 35 years, Kuraray's Panavia range of clinical cements are renowned for the properties of strength, durability and reliability in adhesion.

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Dental cements from J&S DavisUnlike polycarboxylate cements of previous generations, where low hardness and high solubility in oral fluids posed problems, Kuraray's Panavia range offers all the versatility and bonding benefits of a glass ionomer, with the durable cementation you'd expect from a resin.

Panavia SA Cement Universal and Panavia V5 are two of the most popular in the range, both utilising the original MDP Monomer, formulated and patented by Kuraray Noritake in 1981.

Panavia SA Cement Universal - your everyday cement solution

The Panavia SA Cement Universal is a modified and improved version of the Panavia SA Cement Plus.

Eliminating the need for a separate primer, Panavia SA Cement Universal contains the unique LCSi monomer silane coupling agent already in the paste. This advanced cement adheres to nearly all materials used in tooth restoration, including glass ceramics and composite resins, making it suitable for use in a wide range of dental adhesion procedures.

Available in both automix and handmix options, this versatile product is easy to apply, simple to remove in a gum-friendly way and can be stored at room temperature.

Crowns, bridges, implants – when you consider the extent of tooth restoration treatment patients require, it's no wonder dental practitioners are putting their confidence in this single-step cementation solution.

Panavia V5 - strength and beauty combined

Ten years in the making, Kuraray's Panavia V5 is the 'gold standard' and their strongest dentin bonding cement to date.

Suitable for the full extent of cementation indications, including the adhesion of bridges, crowns and even precious veneers, Panavia V5 is a tried and tested three-step process that offers you all these professional advantages:

  • low film thickness
  • high bond strength
  • fluoride release
  • high mechanic sealing
  • reliable marginal sealing

Your patients rightfully demand dental work from you that meets exacting standards of efficacy, precision and comfort. Now with Kuraray's Panavia V5, you can exceed their aesthetic expectations as well. Available in five beautiful shades of glycerin paste, your cementation work will effortlessly complement your patient's existing oral arrangement without compromising on the Kuraray product performance you've come to expect and trust.

Your kit includes:

  • Both tooth and prosthetic primers
  • Glycerin pastes that are easy to apply and remove
  • The K-ETCHANT syringe for simple, precise application

Panavia V5: one cementation system, three simple steps - why not order your kit from a J&S Davis retailer today?

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