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Dental Burs

When it comes to the vast array of dental burs on the market today, you'd be forgiven for finding it hard to know which ones to choose.

Here at J&S Davis, we've done some of the hard work for you as all our dental burs and bur kits are from Hager & Meisinger, our preferred dental bur supplier.

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In partnership for nearly 100 years, Hager & Meisinger pride themselves on producing and manufacturing high-quality dental burs and instruments suitable for use in the laboratory or practice, all from their site in Germany and sold in over 100 countries across the globe.

What is a dental bur?

In broad terms, a dental bur is a handheld instrument used in dental and endodontic treatments and surgery.Dental burs from J&S Davis

It facilitates initial preparation and access points for complex work and is also used in cutting, shaping, contouring and finishing the bones and hard tissues of the mouth.

A bur comprises three sections:

Shank: the handpiece can be optimised for the work ahead with adaptations such as slim shanks for hard to access intervention work and low friction grips for extended durations.

Neck: the neck links the shank to the specific head chosen for the work ahead.

Head: the interchangeable section that is selected for the work being undertaken.

All dental burs comply with an ISO system that provides peace of mind for the practitioner and the patient, that the bur meets consistent standards of efficacy, safety and quality.

Applicable for so many types of dental treatments, a dental bur can be made from one of three substances:

Steel: steel burs provide a simple and economical solution for procedures such as preparing cavities and removing dentine. They offer good edge retention and do not blunt as quickly as their tungsten counterparts but need careful maintenance as with frequent use, there is the risk of corrosion.

Tungsten Carbide: three times stronger than steel, only the head is made from tungsten carbide. They are ideal for metal-based restoration removals and composite restorations. Unlike the diamond heads, tungsten carbide burs cut and chip the tooth rather than using a grinding motion. Their higher price is justified by their longer life cycle than a steel variant.

Diamond: using diamond grit at the head, a diamond bur offers the practitioner superior smoothing and finishing work for crowns and veneers, at high speeds and with great accuracy. However, repeated sterilisation procedures can see their sharpness reduce over time, and they can clog with debris.

Why choose Hager & Meisinger dental burs?

The Hager & Meisinger range of dental burs provides today's dental professionals with the perfect solution for the intervention at hand. Their complete kits represent a one-stop shop for many common treatments, with additional single burs available when the time is right to refresh or replace your existing ones.

Their range also includes 'cool & efficient' burs, keeping the instrument cool during extensive grinding applications.

From cosmetic dentistry and caries to preparations and polishing, you're sure to find the Hager & Meisinger bur to suit your needs. You can explore your options here.

If you're still not sure, why not speak to one of the J&S Davis regional Product Specialists? You can find your closest one here.

Then when you're ready to order, you'll find your closest retailer here.

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