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Core Build Up in Dentistry

  • What is Core Build Up in Dentistry?
  • Core Build-Up Materials - What do we Offer at J&S Davis?
  • Take a look at our available range of Kuraray Clearfil DC Core Plus Build Up Materials & Products

J&S Davis is a UK-based supplier and distributor of a range of dental products, equipment, instruments and accessories from a variety of the world's most renowned dental brands. With over 100 years of experience, we know the dental industry like the back of our hand and use our thorough expertise and knowledge to provide our customers with only the best quality products. One of the areas of dentistry we offer solutions for is core build up.

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What is Core Build Up in Dentistry?

Core build up in dentistry is a restorative dental procedure that involves replacing any missing tooth structure with filling material, which enables it to support a dental crown. This process is used where there is not enough healthy tooth remaining for the correct placement of crowns. Typically the core build up material is a resin or plastic composite to allow for better retention of the crown and minimal sensitivity when strengthening the tooth.

Core Build Up Materials - What Do We Offer At J&S Davis?

Kuraray, a trusted partner of ours, has made its name as dental technology pioneers, manufacturing a range of different market-leading, revolutionary products. Based in Japan, Kuraray Noritake Dental is known for its game-changing products that guarantee ease of use, efficiency, patient comfort and long-lasting results.

One of their innovative dental solutions is the Clearfil DC Core Plus — a dual-cure (light-cure with self-curing property) core build-up material. The self-curing nature of this material made possible because of its specific accelerator makes it the perfect solution for those areas of root canal which aren't accessible for light. Clearfil DC Core Plus promotes procedural efficiency by adhering to dentine in the root canal and to the post without requiring a separate primer.

The composition of this core build-up material also includes special filter technology, which gives the material an optimal thixotropy which enables the paste to be applied with no effort. The paste has unmatched flexural strength and a non-slumping formula which prevents it from becoming runny, thus guaranteeing seamless, aesthetic results and better user control. This allows for better, more accurate crown placement.

Clearfil DC Core Plus & UBQ Kit:
This kit includes the Clearfil DC Core Plus but also its partner in crime, the Clearfil Universal Bond Quick. This innovative bonding solution can be used with almost all composite materials, even in cases where dual curing materials are used (e.g. in post and core procedures). Due to Clearfil Universal's fast adhesion and straightforward pretreatment preparation, coupled with Core Plus's dual-core, procedures can be done quickly and efficiently. They really are the perfect team for reliable core build-ups! The kit also includes any other accessories, such as mixing tips you may need for restorative build-up procedures.

Clearfil DC Core Plus Refill:
We also offer a refill of this two-component core build up material. To ensure procedural ease, the refill is also supplied in an automix delivery system, making it an efficient solution for esthetic and reliable core build-up restoration of vital and non-vital teeth.

For more information about any of the Core Build-Up Materials we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us, or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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