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CAD CAM Blocks

CAD CAM Dentistry by J&S Davis

  • What is CAD CAM Dentistry?
  • What Are CAD CAM Blocks & What Are They Used For?
  • J&S Davis stock & distribute Kuraray’s innovative Katana Avencia CAD CAM Block – a revolutionary solution for restorative dental procedures

J&S Davis is a leading distributor of a wide range of dental products, equipment and supplies for a variety of different dental procedures and fields. With years of industry knowledge and experience, we understand the dynamic nature of the sector and the importance of advancements in dental technology and how they redefine the market as a whole. One of these crucial technological advancements is the introduction of CAD CAM dentistry, which is revolutionising the world of restorative dental procedures.

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What is CAD CAM Dentistry?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) Dentistry is a field of dentistry and prosthodontics concerned with using technology to improve a range of dental procedures and restorations. Some of these restorations include veneers, bridge and crown fittings, and dental implant supported restorations, inlays and onlays, fillings, dentures, and other orthodontic procedures. Currently, CAD and CAM technology are used to fabricate dental prostheses, which are used to replace or restore teeth. This is used as an alternative to physical restorative methods such as dental impressions.

CAD CAM dentistry has a variety of benefits, including an improvement in the quality and accuracy of prostheses for dental procedures. This is due to the advanced world of digital impressions and software that are re-envisioning the world of restorative dentistry. Another benefit is that CAD and CAM technology enables improved procedural efficiency, as dental materials such as ceramics are often time-consuming and difficult to work with. By reducing labour time and eliminating human error, CAD CAM dentistry helps to speed up procedure times and standardise the quality of dental restorations.

CAD CAM dental restorations are milled from solid blocks of ceramic or composite resin, which replace alternative restorative materials. The creation of these blocks is made possible with the innovative advancements in CAD CAM dentistry.

What Are CAD CAM Blocks & What Are They Used For?

CAD/CAM blocks or discs are typically used in conjunction with a dental mill to produce temporary or permanent restorations or parts that are used within these restorations. Suitable for use in digital dentistry, these blocks offer a more efficient way to carry out dental procedures without compromising the quality or longevity of the restoration.

Kuraray Katana Avencia Blocks:

Kuraray has used a unique manufacturing method to design and develop their Katana Avencia CAD CAM Blocks. The process involves compressing nano-sized fillers into a block before uniformly impregnating it with resin monomer. The resin is then polymerised by heat, creating this new type of hybrid ceramic that has unmatched mechanical strength and gloss retention whilst still being kind to opposing enamel. The homogenous nano-structure of these Kuraray CAD CAM blocks allows for superior polishability and wear resistance. Kuraray has been able to develop this innovative CAD CAM dental solution by utilising organic/inorganic technology and the years of experience they have developing and working with traditional and advanced restorative materials.

For more information on CAD CAM Dentistry or the Kuraray Katana Avencia Blocks, please call our team of experts on 01438 747344. Or click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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