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Bone Management

  • Bone management is an essential part of dentistry to prevent or deal with bone disease or fractures, to maintain the oral health of your patients
  • At J&S Davis, we stock Hager & Meisinger’s trusted Bone Management solutions that guarantee you procedural ease & efficiency
  • A look into the Bone Management systems & products

As a leading distributor of unrivalled dental products and systems, J&S Davis offers a wide range of dentistry solutions to suit your particular surgical application or procedural needs. At J&S Davis, we also understand how important it is to have an effective bone management system to prevent or deal with bone disease or fractures. With our trusted, well-renowned partner, Hager & Meisinger, we can provide you with their new, expert range of Bone Management systems and products that make medical treatment easy. They guarantee professional, unrivalled solutions that promise efficient, reliable results without compromising patient health or comfort.

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So, what does the Bone Management range include?

Bone Management Kits:

Benex Control - If you're looking for an efficient solution for extracting dental roots and dental root fragments, then the Benex-Control Professional is the perfect solution. Its innovative design allows easy extraction without damaging the bone or soft tissue, eliminating any risk of pain and ensuring patient comfort.

Crest Control - Crest-Control is an innovative solution for bone management due to its expert design which allows for the pre-determinable, controlled widening of resorbed bone. Also within the Crest Control Kit are the Diamond Disc Osteotomy and Initial Bur.

Crestal Lift Control - Their Crestal-Lift-Control Kit has been designed for precision and reliability when involved in minimally invasive sinus floor elevation procedures. Patients have full protection from injury thanks to the adapted stop-sleeve system, which prevents the perforation of the Schneiderian membrane. The full system also comes with a depth gauge.

External Lift Control - Created after extensive medical research, the External-Lift-System has been designed specifically for the simple implementation of an external sinus lift for effective bone management.

Master Pin Control - Developed with medical professional Dr Istvan Urban, this unrivalled pin system is perfect for bone management clinical procedures.

Lift Control Plus - This combined system guarantees perfectly matched instruments for internal and external sinus floor elevation, ensuring you have all the important equipment you need for both types of surgery.

Micro Screw System - This medical system is ideal if you're looking for an efficient bone management solution that allows for the secure fixation and stabilisation of cortical bone transplants. It ensures patient health and comfort and long-lasting, reliable results.

Punch Basic Kit - As a clinical solution to the soft tissue side of bone management, the Punch Basic Kit has been designed to provide you with 5 differently sized mucosal punches, ideal for tissue removal.

Screw System - The osteosynthesis Screw System TX Professional has been designed for pre-implantation augmentation procedures. It's perfect for the fixation of bone blocks, autologous bone cylinders and shells within the clinical bone management process.

Split Control System - This bone management system has been designed as a solution for horizontal bone deficits. It is capable of gently widening the patient's alveolar ridge, as well as simultaneous lateral bone condensing.

Surgical Kit - This kit includes all the instruments you need for lateral access during external sinus lift clinical procedures.

Transfer Control System - Medical professionals have heavily researched and designed this bone management system to transplant bone cylinders when performing a horizontal or vertical bone augmentation procedure. We also stock the compatible Wheel Cutters in the TC084, TC085 and TC086 models.

Trephine Basic Kit - This system was designed for bone removal or the creation of cylindral bone grafts.

Other Bone Management Products:

Master Mill - The Bone Management Master Mill, also developed in collaboration with medical professional Dr Istvan Urban, is a surgical bone mill capable of crushing autologous bone blocks. This helps to preserve the health of your patient's small autologous bone chips, allowing all bone defects to be efficiently filled. We also stock individual components of the Master Mill, including the Grinder BKMMW.

Needle Holders, Scissors & Tweezers - We stock all the tools you need for effective bone management, including Meisinger's Needle Holder, Scissors and Tissue Forceps (Tweezers).

Other smaller component parts and accessories are also available to enhance your system.

For more information on any of our Hager & Meisinger Bone Management products and systems, please click here to contact us at J&S Davis. Or, feel free to call us today at 01438 747344.

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