Portable Dental Units

7th, March 2022

Reaching hard to access areas in dentistry doesn’t just mean the tricky angles of the teeth.

J&S Davis stock an extensive range of mobile portable dental supplies and equipment trusted worldwide to increase the mobility of dental professionals and the life-changing services they provide.

BPR Swiss – making dentists mobile since 1997

As part of our ongoing dedication to sourcing the highest quality dental solutions, J&S Davis is proud to supply some of the most innovative mobile and portable dental machines from BPR Swiss GmbH. We share their vision in bringing the best oral treatments to market that can reach anyone, anywhere.Portable dental units from J&S Davis

Gone are the days of cumbersome, unreliable and unsuitable dental equipment hampering the efforts of dental professionals trying to access some of the most vulnerable and inaccessible members of society. People who are:

  • Living in remote, rural areas
  • In need of humanitarian aid
  • Serving on the front line
  • Residents of care homes, prisons, children’s homes and schools

The range features several multi-purpose units, standalone equipment and carts, all built for robust use yet lightweight and easy to set up.

Portable pieces

Dental chairs and Stools

Both stools in the range represent quick, comfy and easy solutions to moving around the available space. The Denta Chair 303 is an intelligent response to the need for a robust yet lightweight chair, adjustable to suit the patient for added comfort and accessibility.

Denta LED light

Boasting numerous advantages for the practitioner and patient alike, this high performance LED light is easy to disinfect and has a long life cycle. It provides a shadow-free working area with no glare intrusion for the patient. Low noise and heat output make for a longer working time, and the light includes a uniquely controllable feature to prevent universal composite polymerisation.

Integrative elements

The Denta Trolley is a modular system for transporting instruments and consumables, readily moved on wheels or a handy carrying handle. Four drawers make the hygienic storage of contaminants simple, and the unit comes with connectors for ‘plug and play’ operation of SMART-PORTs.

Minimax-Vac is BPR Swiss’ solution to high powered suction requirements (over 220l/min), simply from being plugged into mains power. It weighs under 4kg, with seamlessly regulated suction at any time.

J&S Davis is delighted also to be able to offer vacuum pillows from Germa AB in our range. These pillows are available in three sizes and offer the patient customised comfort through semi-permanent positioning during treatment.

Universal units and complete carts

The scope of units and carts available leaves the mobile dentist spoiled for choice. Different carts lend themselves to bespoke operational requirements, but all benefit from easy incorporation into a complete unit. The carts can operate numerous instruments at total efficiency with an aspirator offering 300l/min suction, powered by a quiet, oil-free compressor. They are airtight and waterproof for a corrosion-free life cycle and simply packed away into cases.

The BPR Swiss universal units offer unparalleled service for mobile dentists. At their most inclusive, the heaviest treatment unit weighs 25kg; this includes handpieces, a three-way syringe, LED lights plus, the added capacity of the Denta Trolley and air compressor!

These complete units are ruggedised, with wheels and carry handles for agile portability, and are quickly assembled and disassembled easily.

Ready to hit the road?

If you would like more information about any of our mobile dentistry range of products, you can contact your nearest Product Specialist here. If you’re ready to place an order, you can call us on 01438 747 344 or find your nearest retailer here.

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