Polishing Burs For Composite

23rd, July 2022

  • Polishing burs play a fundamental role in both anterior and posterior composite procedures
  • J&S Davis stock Meisinger’s Luster Composite Finishing Kit LUS66 – an unrivalled example of dentistry genius
  • Their unique Twist Finishers have flexible lamella technology to help you access hard to reach areas, guaranteeing a smooth and shiny finish

Polishing is a key step in most dental restorations, as it ensures the aesthetic results most patients want, especially in composite dentistry. Polishing burs for composite dental procedures are vital for a smooth, shiny finish to elongate the longevity of a restoration. In turn, it helps to maintain the health of a patient’s mouth and teeth by creating a plague-resistant surface and healthier surrounding oral tissues. A dental bur is an essential piece of dental equipment used to carry out these procedures effectively.

At J&S Davis, we stock and distribute a range of global dental companies and products to ensure we can provide you with an efficient, high-performance solution to all your dentistry needs. One of our trusted partners, Meisinger, is an industry-leading manufacturer of dental instruments renowned for their innovative dental burs.

Meisinger Luster Composite Finishing Kit LUS66:

Meisinger’s Luster Composite Finishing Kit LUS66 was designed and innovated to work with both hybrid and new generation composite materials. The kit comprises a range of bur tips in different sizes, ensuring you have all of the equipment you need for both anterior and posterior composite procedures. Meisinger’s Luster kit is adaptable to many other materials and allows you to keep up with the ever-changing world of dentistry through its intricately thought-out technology. It is the ideal solution for any composite dental procedure and is well loved by dental professionals globally.

Meisinger’s Twist Finishers are an unrivalled piece of dental equipment, as they work flexibly to find a balance of pressure that allows for abrasion and/or preservation of a surface. The burs are designed with helical Twist Finishers, allowing the instrument to maintain contact with the tooth surface. This helps to eliminate chatter, guaranteeing a smooth finish and efficient restorative procedure. These polishers are able to access hard-to-reach areas in the patient’s mouth and were specially innovated for high gloss polishing. The Twist Finishers also operate at a speed of up to 15,000 RPMs for efficient operation, reducing procedure time. However, the different sizes have different recommended speeds to limit any unnecessary abrasion. The materials they are comprised of have permanent air cooling technology that allows for low heat development, guaranteeing effectiveness and safety during all intraoral applications. These polishing burs also encompass a graduated diamond grit which allows for short processing times and a long service life, reducing your replacement costs.

During restorations, Meisinger’s composite polishing burs follow a two-step polishing system that ensures flawless, long-lasting results and patient satisfaction. The Twist Finishers’ innovative make-up and flexible lamellas provide a thorough polish and clean, promising smooth tooth surface. It is advisable that all polishing burs are used gently, only applying light pressure to ensure patient comfort and oral health. For maintenance purposes, it is also recommended that use over sharp margins is avoided to preserve the polishing lamellae, helping you to sustain their professional quality and performance.

For more information or to enquire about our available Meisinger Polishing Burs for Composite procedures and restorations, please contact us here at J&S Davis.

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