Pillow Talk

30th, October 2023

Keep your patients with additional requirements comfortable…

Dental care can be challenging when dealing with patients with additional needs and special support requirements. Correct positioning to ensure patient comfort during treatment can be difficult, causing a greater level of stress on both the patient, carer and clinician.

In order to overcome this, a support pillow is recommended. In fact, it is recommended that clinicians have a support pillow in practice, even if special care dentistry isn’t their main focus – as it is likely a patient may arrive at any time requiring an extra level of support due to illness, injury or frailty.

AB Germa Vacuum Pillows provide a customised stabilisation and/or positioning for the patient. The pillow moulds to the patients unique shape, distributing their weight evenly and therefore, keeping them comfortable and secure. The Vacuum Pillows can be shaped and reshaped in seconds, with the density and firmness easily adjusted. With a durable, strong PVC film in shell, it is easy to clean and disinfect for multiple uses throughout the day.

AB Germa Vacuum Pillows are suitable for the stabilisation of both children and adults with disabilities or other additional needs. The pillows are white in colour and available in 3 sizes, listed below.

80cm x 100cm

55cm x 30cm

55cm x 85cm

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